Prodrive Technologies proudly holds more than 50 patents for its innovative technologies. In the entrance of the main building, the company aims to showcase this accomplishment to visitors. The selected design from various proposals involves individual tiles forming a dynamic whole, with each tile featuring the name and developer of a unique invention.
Currently, there are 51 patents, and the company aspires to achieve 200. Whenever a new patent is granted, an 'empty' tile is temporarily removed from the wall. The designer's name is then printed on it and placed back in the display. A subtle 3D pattern of a PCB extending over and behind all tiles connects the entire display, symbolizing the origin of the company.
Their mission, "Creating meaningful technologies that make the world work," is prominently displayed in the center, guiding all their development efforts. The addition of "Innovating since 1993" below it immediately ties to the 30th anniversary of the company 

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