Prodrive Technologies is proud of owning over 50 patents for their innovative technologies. The company wants to showcase this success to visitors at the entrance of the main building​​​​​​​.
The design I created for this includes 236 tiles that together form a dynamic whole. On 51 tiles, the name and developer of a unique invention are displayed. Each time a new patent is granted, a 'blank' tile is temporarily removed from the wall, the name of the designer and the invention is printed on it, and then it is placed back into the whole. There is room for growth, which aligns with the company's ambition.
A subtle 3D pattern of a Printed Circuit Board* that extends in layers connects all the tiles together, symbolizing the company's origins. The result is an impressive display that highlights the innovative spirit of Prodrive Technologies. Their mission, "Creating meaningful technology that makes the world work," is prominently featured in the center, supported by the addition "Innovating since 1993," referring to the company's 30-year anniversary.

*A Printed Circuit Board is an essential component of electronic devices on which electronic components are mounted, and electrical connections are made via conductive traces printed onto the board.
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