Prodrive Technologies is a Dutch technology company focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced electronics, software, and mechanical systems for the automotive, medical technology, industrial automation, and energy sectors. For this innovative company, I developed a corporate identity that aligns with their mission.
As a brand designer, I develop a moodboard with stakeholders that visualizes their vision: "Creating meaningful technologies that make the world work." These core elements align with this vision. This brand mission is translated into a brand book, demonstrating how to apply this look and feel in combination with photos that enhance the high-tech environment of Prodrive Technologies.

Designing Annual Reports for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021: This involved creating cohesive and visually appealing layouts for each year's report.
Stakeholder Coordination: I engaged with various stakeholders to develop a relevant theme for each year's report, ensuring alignment with the organization's vision and goals.
Conceptual Photography: I managed the concept for photography, either by creating my own photos or coordinating with various photographers to produce the appropriate imagery.
Creation of Infographics and Illustrations: I designed infographics and illustrations to visually represent data, making complex information easily understandable.
Data Integration: I processed and incorporated numerical data into the reports, ensuring accurate and clear presentation of the figures.
In a market specializing in highly specific technical products, trade shows are crucial for Prodrive Technologies to meet potential clients. I designed more than 20 exhibition stands, display furniture, and presentation materials to effectively showcase the company's high-tech innovations.
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