Nice to meet you!

As a designer, I unravel challenges and seek solutions to a problem or need. I don't just design a product; I create a connection that is unforgettable. I work on themes, brand stories, and missions that emotionally connect, allowing the product to stand out. Searching for the unique story, the 'Why?'
I embark on that journey together with the client. I listen and inquire until I have clarity on the emotions and pain points.
Through years of experience, I know which steps to take to reach a solution. I involve the client in the process, visualize ideas, and continuously reflect and iterate. Keep the MVPs in mind when setting priorities and strive for the best quality result that can be achieved within the set time frame.
In recent years, my curiosity has grown to better understand human needs and emotions. I enjoy reading books on this topic. For creating good user experiences, we cannot do without the user. And my fascination is great to delve even further into this.
I am always interested in new opportunities, so feel free to contact me.
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