How can Estate 'Grootstal', a transitional area in Nijmegen, develop into an experimental Living Lab for local entrepreneurship at the intersection of ecology, sociology, and economics?
Project overview: 2 months  |  In co-creation with landowners, farmers, urban residents, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions.

In the spring of 2018, the Dutch Chief Government Architect launched a competition named 'Bread and Games', aimed at farmers and entrepreneurial landowners. The objective was to develop perspectives for rural areas in collaboration with designers and other innovators. The goal was to introduce a multifaceted systems approach and integrative projects for food production that could be replicated and scaled in other locations. 
Being involved as a designer in this competition within such a multidisciplinary team has been incredibly inspiring, offering a valuable opportunity to witness the strengths of diverse perspectives and enhance collaboration. As a designer, I embrace a fresh and open-minded approach, dedicated to discovering innovative and creative solutions and fostering connections among people.

Facilitating and structuring brainstorming sessions: organised and lead inspiring sessions involving diverse participants.
Generating innovative ideas: I contributed fresh concepts that push beyond conventional boundaries.
Collaborating in multidisciplinary teams: I effectively engaged with various disciplines to develop integrated solutions.
Creating visual representations of insights: I translated session outcomes into clear and concise PDF visualizations.
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